We possess our Certified Arborists license with ISA, International Society of Arboriculture, and the City of Cheyenne.

Insect Control

Control and kill bugs that are located on the trunk, branch, and/or leaf of the tree.

Disease Control

Treat diseases that are located on the trunk, branch and/or leaf of the tree.

Beetle Spraying

A preventative spray applied to aid in warding off the IPS and Mountain Beetles. We start spraying around mid-March and spray through the beginning of July. The extreme change of Wyoming weather creates an elongated time frame for this completion. The flight times for the Mountain Pine Beetle start around mid-July. Please bear with us as we are only able to spray as the weather allows.

Deep Root Tree/Shrub Fertilization

Increases growth, winter hardiness and longevity, color, and density of canopy. Builds a hardier plant to resist and overcome disease and insects; Increases the livability of young plants less than ten years old.

In most situations deciduous trees, Evergreen trees, and ornamental shrubs that are planted in a landscaped environment are growing in poor soil. The Black Hills area does not have abundant deposits of rich soils and two to six inches of top soil hauled in to a landscaped environment does not provide enough nutrients for vigorous, healthy trees.

Examples: Trees showing not enough fertility have poor color, slow growth, freeze damage, spindly growth in the crown, high death loss of young trees, increased insect activity (bores, aphids, etc.). Increase of disease, especially Needle Blight on Evergreen and Canker on deciduous trees and low fruit product on trees.

Green Lawn & Tree Care, Inc. injects under pressure the proper amount of fertilizer into the root zone of the trees and ornamentals. We use only high quality, low salt, and slow fertilizer. One feeding will feed for an entire year. We use a complete fertilizer plus an iron/sulfur supplement.

The best time to fertilize is late fall after the leaves have ceased to function and in early spring.

We recommend fertilizing every other year the larger mature, healthy trees and shrubs where growth is not desired.

This will accomplish the following:

  • Improve color and density of canopy
  • Builds a hardier plant to resist and overcome disease and insects

Unthrifty mature trees and shrubs should be fertilized every year.

Fertilizing trees and shrubs during the mid part of the growing season is recommended only for those plants that are in an unthrifty condition.

Iron Injections

Cures yellowing leaves

Wax on Evergreens

Prevents windburn

Tree Removal

Remove dead, dying, damaged, hazardous trees or trees that are inhibiting growth of other plants or trees or in the way of new construction.

Stump Grinding

Grind down unwanted stumps to 6 inches below surface level.

Tree/Bush Trimming

Remove or reduce parts that are not required to help with aesthetics, aid to maintain good health, help to better foliage, flowers, fruit, or the stems. Train the tree or restrict the growth for landscape purposes or value of the plant.

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